Health, Safety
& Environment

“Canadian Advanced ESP is committed to providing highly trained personnel and superior equipment to provide for our customer’s needs. We will always strive to provide a consistent high standard of safe service and job quality for our customers on a daily basis”
~ Hashim Al-Rifaai, Chairman

Canadian Advanced ESP believes in having a strong safety management program to ensure the health, safety and well-being of employees, customers and the public. Our safety record is among the best in the industry. We achieve this by working together as a team to sustain the safest work environment possible.

Canadian Advanced ESP consistently earns WCB rates well below the industry average and has received the “Certificate of Recognition from the Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships with an average score of 92% for each audit year.

Personal Safety Program

The backbone of Canadian Advanced ESP’s good safety record is the firm belief that safety is an “attitude” carried through to every aspect of the job. Canadian Advanced ESP’s safety program consists of:

  • New Employee Orientation
  • Intermediate Employee Training
  • Advanced Employee Training
  • Core Processes Training
  • Tailgate Safety Meetings in the field and shop on a daily basis
  • Formal Monthly Safety Meetings, and Facility Inspections are conducted and documented by Supervisor level employees
  • Annual Safety Audits using the AASP & ISO audit protocol
  • Annual review of the Safety Program to respond to changes in technology, government legislation and hazards identified by staff or industry
  • Hazard Identification Reporting System – a way for employees to provide feedback on safety for equipment design modifications
  • Stop, Think, Act Training
  • H2S Training
  • First Aid, CPR
  • Off Road Driving, Defensive Driving, GODI (General Oilfield Driving Improvement), PDI (Professional Driver Improvement)
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods
  • Overhead Crane Operation
  • EGSO Training
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Accident Investigation
  • Hazard Assessment Training
  • Forklift Training
  • Spill Response Training
  • NORM Training

In addition, Canadian Advanced ESP maintains a comprehensive Policy and Procedures Manual – a living document that outlines all formal safety policies and JHA’s. As ESP and HPS technology expands, the need for additions to the manual is on-going. Every employee contributes, so that future employees can benefit from past experience. Anyone within Canadian Advanced ESP can contribute to improving or upgrading the policies and procedures manual.

Canadian Advanced ESP considers Safety training a “life-long learning” experience and continually develops it’s workforce to keep up to date on industry safety standards.

Equipment Safety Program

All Canadian Advanced equipment undergoes a rigorous inspection and certification schedule. The results are documented at a frequency level that exceeds governing body regulations. Our equipment is constantly maintained and improved based on feedback from our team to ensure we are using the safest and most reliable equipment possible.

Code of Business Conduct

At Canadian Advanced ESP, we believe in integrity, honesty and respect in all workplace relationships. We are committed to ethical behavior and expect our shareholders, managers, supervisors and employees to have the same commitment. The Code of Business Conduct was created to inform employees of their legal and ethical obligations to Canadian Advanced ESP and our customers. While no document can completely encompass every situation with which our employees may be faced, the Code is intended to serve as a guide to ensure that ethical compromises are never made.

As we strive to achieve all of our goals in this dynamic, ever changing industry, we will continue to provide our customers with value and excellent service. The Code sets forth the policies, guidelines and expectations for doing business to ensure that business is conducted ethically and in compliance with applicable laws. Canadian Advanced ESP is committed to doing business with companies who support the same level of excellence for conducting business in a legal and ethical manner and with the same degree of professionalism.

Corporate Statement

Canadian Advanced ESP will:

  • Provide highly trained and experienced personnel and superior equipment to meet our customer’s needs.
  • Consistently provide a high standard of service and job quality to our customers on a daily basis.
  • Protect the health, safety and environment of our employees and all the people affected by our work.
  • Comply with government regulations and follow accepted industry practices and maintain corporate policies at levels which are equal to the high standards by which we conduct our business.
  • Continuously improve the standards compatible with improving our business performance.
  • Communicate  health, safety and environmental matters in an open and timely manner with all affected parties.
  • Provide the training and resources to support our commitment and take health, safety and environmental matters into account when making business decisions.
  • Our people are our most important asset and we will not compromise any safety standard to achieve corporate goals.

~Hashim Al-Rifaai, Chairman