The ACT VFD is a quality drive designed specifically for ESP and HPS applications.

The latest models in our VFD product line are the ACT3 ESP and ACT3 HPS VFD. We listened to our clients and incorporated features and functions that meet the current and future needs of the ESP industry.

Models are available in a wide range of power and voltage ratings. Each unit comes standard with a sunlight readable touch screen interface, making navigating through screens and programming the VFD settings, simple and intuitive. All operational data is displayed graphically in real time and recorded for retrieval and analysis at a later date. The control system is network ready and connects seamlessly with the down-hole sensor and our AMT product line for monitoring over the internet.

The ACT3 VFD is one of the highest quality drives in the industry, with a recorded MTBF of 25 years*. As such, we have not recorded one single chassis failure in almost 9 years of use by Canadian Advanced ESP Inc.

All our panels are built to strict engineering standards and are CSA certified for use in Canada and USA.

*Mitsubishi chassis performance based on market failure rate.

Download the VFD Brochure

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