ESP and HPS Packages Customized to your Needs.

Canadian Advanced ESP Inc. provides a variety of specialized services from concept design to product verification, manufacturing, testing, installation and commissioning.  Our goal is to provide effective industrial solutions to our clients.  The product and service elements of these solutions are reviewed on a continual basis to ensure we employ the latest technology and are consistent with industry standards.  It is with this spirit that our company was founded and we take great pride in maintaining a spirit of innovation with our multi-disciplined team of employees.

The additional services we provide are as follows:

  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
    Services supported with CAD engineering drawings
  • ESP and HPS Application Engineering
  • Well Data Analysis and Optimization Services
  • Customized Software Development
  • Custom Electrical Control and Automation Panels
  • PLC Programming and HMI Coding
  • Plug and Play Electrical and Mechanical Skid Packages
  • High Pressure Frac Pumps
  • Capillary Line Spooling Services
  • Contract Field Services

Some of the exciting innovations we have introduced are:

Geothermal ESP and HPS Applications

In 2008, CAESP entered the geothermal energy market in Europe with ESP product solutions.  The ESP is used to provided high temperature water from underground aquifers to be used as an energy source in a geothermal plant.  The heat obtained from the water is used for municipal district heating or as an electrical power source for households and facilities.  The geothermal plants require high flow rate ESPs, often greater than 100 l/s,  to obtain an efficient process in order to ensure the geothermal plant investment can become profitable in the shortest time possible.  During the last decade, through research, development, and customer co-operation, CAESP solutions have grown in the marketplace and we are well positioned to continue to meet the needs of an energy industry dedicated to reducing CO2 emissions for the sustainment of our planet.  To date, we have been involved in energy, agriculture, and SPA applications in Europe.

As new geothermal investments are driven by Europe’s desire for green energy solutions, we have added mobile VFD containers as well as down hole equipment rental solutions to our clients as they need to prove the viability of their wells for further investment.  We look forward to continuing to serve the needs of the industry.

Contact your CAESP representative to find out how we can help you in your quest for new energy sources.

Tandem Upper Tandem ESP Motor Systems (TUT)

TUT systems are typically deployed in the 1000 to 2000 HP range, but can also be utilized from 50 HP all the way to 2000 HP.   Do you have a well with higher PI than expected?  Do you want to increase production tomorrow, not 6 months or a year from now due to long lead times for special order ESP equipment?   CAESP is the only ESP vendor worldwide to offer you this innovative solution to increase production tomorrow, utilizing your existing inventory of ESP equipment and drives.  TUTs allow you to increase your production immediately by utilizing two smaller ESP motor systems to drive one pump.

For example: One customer deployed the TUT product on 7 wells, and in the first year of use obtained an incremental production gain of 2.3 million BBLs from existing ESP inventory on hand.  This yielded a very attractive quick payout in a very short time!  This system also maintained the same MTBF that the smaller ESP systems had.

Contact your CAESP representative to find out how TUTs can be utilized in your field to obtain a rapid increase in production from your wells with high PIs.

Injection ESP Systems (IESP)

The IESP system allows for Injection testing on wells by utilizing the existing inventory of production ESP equipment that is on hand in a given field.  This allows an injection pumping system to be designed, selected and installed immediately, utilizing the production ESP inventory equipment, while a more permanent surface injection system is designed, ordered and deployed.

The IESP system is also used to transfer fluid from a reservoir  that is located above the production zone, to a reservoir located below the production zone, for pressure support to the production zone, without having to first pump the fluid to surface.  Downhole sensors will monitor fluid properties, rates and pressures.

Contact your CAESP representative to find out how IESPs can be utilized in your field as an immediate solution to your injection fluid requirements and/or testing.